Innovative trip planning solutions.  En Route encourages transit ridership by making travel queries as simple as filling out “From” and “To.”

Is your agency considering an online trip planner?

Trip Planners (or Journey Planners) help riders make sense of complex transit networks. The En Route Trip Planner connects your riders from their doorstep to their destination through your agency's fixed-route transit system.

En Route synthesizes your transit schedules, vehicle paths, stops and terminals data, and a complete GIS street map into a cohesive, convenient web application that your riders will love. It pinpoints the closest stops, looks up the correct schedules without chance of rider misinterpretation, and outlines how to get to their destination in the quickest time. Stop by stop. Street by street.

These are things any person can do on their own with enough time, but a trip planner brings this all together to answer rider queries within seconds. Whether it's visitors from out-of-state, or locals trying to get to an unfamiliar part of town, we make riding public transportation easy.

Never tried a trip planner before? Seeing is believing.

See a sample of En Route. Compare and contrast with other leading trip planners.
Spokane, WA (STA, third-party)
Portland, OR (Tri-Met)
Try: NE 20th Ave. & Burnside to 4001 SE Canyon Rd.
Try: 111 Pike St. to 601 N. 59th St.
Try: 253 W. 125th St. to 830 5th Ave.
(None of the above trip planners let you link to a trip.)

The benefits don't end at your rider's computer study. Trip planning has applications in Interactive Voice Response and SMS (text-messaging), to assist your riders while they're on the go. And in the hands of your call center representatives, to help ease your customer service workload.

En Route Systems is a software consultancy in the startup phase, specializing in GIS and pathfinding applications for public transportation. We differentiate ourselves with En Route, our high-accuracy, rider-oriented trip planning engine. It hones in on the best trip from among billions of trip possibilities on every query. And it's powered by Lisp—the natural choice for hard problems and high-level, abstract computation. This elegance translates into immediate, cost-effective flexibility, however unique your transit system is.

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